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We manufacture solar heating solutions for various residential uses. This ranges from portable consumer units to hard mounted wall units that can heat air in the day.


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Economic and Environmental :


Made of aircraft grade aluminum frames with fireproof polycarbonate glaze, our residential solar air heating system is hard mounted on a southern wall to help you save money on your heating bills and lower your carbon footprint. They can be set-up to apply direct heat to the home, or connect into your hot air furnace for cold air return. Mounted on a south facing wall, these units provide year round solar heat without having to shovel snow off your roof (there is a roof mount option for areas with no snow). The units can be powered with A/C or D/C with the purchase of P/V panels for off grid applications. Large residential mounted systems work at peak efficiency during sunny days, but also produce heat during cloudy days. Compared to more costly and unsustainable options these systems offer an excellent return on your initial investment (ROI) and can often pay for themselves immediately.

These units are modular and several heaters can be connected together to increase the airflow and heat capacity.



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