Supplemental heat that does not use electric power or fossil fuels
Window heating unit and air distributing fan work solely from solar energy!


Our patented revolutionary technology provides effective supplementary heat for up to 150 sq. ft. during daylight hours (equivalent to a 150 to 500 watt electric heater).

When positioned in a southern facing window the solar panel’s 3 dimensional collector cells will absorb infrared rays in sunny and partial cloudy conditions, creating cost effective heating for your space. Solar window panels are also excellent in temporarily vacant recreational properties, garages, sheds, RVs or boats where some heat is needed to eliminate damp or mold.

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When placed in a window with Southern exposure, interior cool air is drawn through the lower air intakes by the solar powered fan. The collector cells are heated by infrared energy from the sun. Through convection, the air passes through the collectors and retains the barrier heat. The air then rises to the next collector and repeats the process, adding to the collected heat. The air temperature continues to rise as it passes through each collector.

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  • Supplemental room heating usage only
  • Sun God model requires single pane windows
  • Windows are not "E" glass or Argon gas
  • Window has unobstructed southern exposure
  • For optimum efficiency room is 150 square ft. or smaller
  • There is little or no overhang on my home exterior, above the window
  • For partially cloudy conditions we recommend one of the 50 Series.

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I purchased a few of the High Efficiency units for our south facing windows at the cottage for when we are not there. I just had new wood floors put in and I don’t want them to warp in the damp and cold. I felt this was a safer option than buying a solar heater.

Sally, Muskoka, Ontario