How It Works


Interior cool air is drawn through the lower air intakes by the solar powered fan.  The collector cells are heated by infrared energy from the sun.  Through convection, the air passes through the collectors and retains the barrier heat.  The air then rises to the next collector and repeats the process, adding to the collected heat. The air temperature continues to rise as it passes through each collector.

Under good winter sun conditions, up to 20º F (11º C) may be added to the ambient temperature, with air flow at 30 cubic feet per minute - providing supplementary heat for a 150 sq.ft. space (heated air dissipates in larger spaces and you are less likely to feel a temperature change).

In residential applications, Solar Air Heaters are designed to supplement your existing heating source. Single pane windows create optimum efficiency, but not recommended for windows that use “E” or Argon gas.   Windows with a lower U-Value will directly affect efficiency.