Large Mounted Residential Solar Air Heaters

Economical and Environmental

Made of aircraft grade aluminum frames with fireproof polycarbonate glaze, our residential solar air heating system is hard mounted on a southern wall to help you save money on your heating bills and lower your carbon footprint.  They can be set-up to apply direct heat to the home, or connect into your hot air furnace for cold air return. Mounted on a south facing wall, these units provide year round solar heat without having to shovel snow off your roof (there is a roof mount option for areas with no snow). The units can be powered with A/C or D/C with the purchase of P/V panels for off grid applications.   Large residential mounted systems work at peak efficiency during sunny days, but also produce heat during cloudy days.  Compared to more costly and unsustainable options these systems offer an excellent return on your initial investment (ROI) and can often pay for themselves immediately.

These units are modular and several heaters can be connected together to increase the airflow and heat capacity.

Note: These panels are currently not approved under SRCC standards. The Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRRC) does not have a standard yet for solar air heating because the technology is so new, but we are working toward this.

We manufacture mounted residential solar air heater panels for cottages and residences in two convenient sizes:

For Cottages, Garages, and Small Homes



4 feet X 8 feet X 2.5 inches

Rated at 200 cubic feet per minute max air flow

This heater is very flexible and ideal for cottages and cabins. It can be installed sideways under a south facing deck and connected to floor ducting. It can be mounted on wheels so that it is mobile and positioned behind large windows for winter operation to keep the mildew down.

The heater has side mounting rails in which to bolt PV panels to operate a circulation fan. Ducting connections and configurations can be changed.

Heat the garage by mounting the heater sideways on the door. It will still clear the door opening in most cases as it is only 2-1/2” thick.

As a modular system, the size can also be changed to fit an installation.

For homes 1000 sqft and larger



4 feet X 9 feet X 5 inches

Rated at 400 cubic feet per minute maximum air flow

SIS 100M 4896 mounted on a testing bed.  Tilting the unit to the sun provides 20-25% more solar energy capture.

Made of durable materials and no moving parts, the heater will last 15 to 20 years, or more.

These solar heaters are designed to take in a high air flow and therefore, provide excellent recirculating and mixed airflow and ventilation in your space. They can also be connected together for large surfaces to increase air flow and solar energy capture.  For example, 4 units connected in parallel would produce 1200 cfm and have a solar energy collection area 2,380 sqft.

The heart modular design has optional flanges to connect the heaters to make 16 to 32 ft collectors. The flanges also take round or square duct plates for connection to house entry ducting.

The heater has mounting brackets and bolting rails to attach PV panels to power recirculation fans.

Heaters can be installed sideways, tilted, and are portable.

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