Core Values

  • Provide value to our customers
  • Provide value to the earth
  • Act with integrity

Mission Statement

Solar Infra Systems is an innovative developer and manufacturer of supplementary heating products that provide value to our customers, both economically and environmentally. Our mission is to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint by harnessing the infrared spectrum of the sun, to save energy and reduce overall heating costs.


Research and product development of Solar Infra Systems began in 2005,while conducting experimentation and analysis of solar thermal technology that could heat both air and water. Our mandate was to design, develop, manufacture and bring to market, effective solar heating products that require only sunlight and infrared energy to operate, and therefore have a ‘zero carbon’ footprint.

Our products were initially created to meet the supplementary heating needs of ‘off-grid users’ who rely heavily on alternative methods for energy and heat. We have spent the past 9 years developing products that use the same technology for not only residential applications, but for industrial applications as well.

Solar Infra Systems portable residential solar heating units are the first generation model and the only design of its kind in the market. They provide consumers the opportunity to affordably supplement their current heating system, while saving money and reducing their impact on the environment. Our unique and innovative technology is creating an entirely new market for solar thermal air and water heaters.

Our ‘Solar Air Heaters’ address both environmental and economic concerns. We believe that there are alternatives to the standard heating and cooling systems used by most of us today, which are expensive to both the consumer and the planet. We are constantly assessing and researching new solar innovations, and are currently in the development stages of the first solar powered air conditioner. These are exciting times! Innovation, solar science and environmental concerns are what we are passionate about and what drives us to find new solutions.

We would like to hear from you. Tell us why you are considering a solar-based system for heating water or air, or for air conditioning. Email us and tell us why you have purchased a Solar Air Heater window panel. Better yet, send us a photo showing us what application you’re using your Solar Air Heater in (office, cottage, garage, RV, boat, greenhouse, etc.). We’re always interested in knowing what you like about our products and how we can improve on them.


If you have any questions that we haven’t answered please contact us or call us Toll Free @ 1-855-535-2056.

The SIS team

All our technology has worldwide patents.